Four Roll And Six Roll Reversing Rolling Mill
    Six Roll CR Reversing Rolling Mill
    Continuous Rolling Mill
    Stretching-bending Tension Leveler
    Skill-pass Mill
    Four roll CR reversing rolling mill
    1380mm Six roll CR reversing rolling mill
    1150 Six roll CR reversing rolling mill
    900mm Four roll HR rolling mill for tungsten and molybdenum
    Two roll HR reversing rolling mill for aluminum alloy
    Five stands continuous rolling mill with double recoiler
    Four roll four stands continuous rolling mill
    Four roll five stands continuous mill

Skill-pass Mill

Equipment Main Function

1.After flattening under small rate of reduction, The CR strip coil will be eliminated certain amount of stress and yield point elongation, while in stretching and punching, the strip coil “slip line” will not appear.

2.After annealing, CR coil strip go through temper which can better improve the strip flatness(coil shape) and surface roughness.

3.By adjusting reduction rate of temper which can have certain range of variation on mechanical property of coil strip, thus made the hardness and plasticity of coil strip could apply for different functional requirements.

Equipment Component And Feature

Hydrauli ccoil car, Shear, Uncoiler, Front and back S roller, Clean brush roller, Skin pass (tempering mill), Anti-wrinkle roller, Recoiler, Unloading car, Motor, Electric control, Hydraulic APC system, Hydraulic and lubricate devices, etc.

Equipment Photos

Technical Parameter Table

Technical parameter
\Mill model
650 750 850 1000
Material Normal carbon steel, stainless steel
Material thickness(mm) 0.16-1.5 0.3-0.8-1.5 0.3-0.8-1.5 0.3-1.5
Material width(mm) 550 650 750 900
Elongation rate % 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0
Line speed(m/min) 180-300 180-300 180-400 240-600
Tempering mill type 2 roll or 4 roll 2 roll or 4 roll 4 roll 4 roll
Tempering force(KN) 1450 1700 2000 2500
Driving method working roll driving
Hydraulic station
10 10 10 10
Main motor Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit)
Uncoiler motor Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit)
Recoile rmotor Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit)
S roller motor Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit) Z4 series(omit)

Remark:the model and parameter shown in this table are for reference only. The design and production can be tailor-made according to user's requirements.

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